Our History

EIPICO is the civilized face of EGYPT in the pharmaceutical industries.
EIPICO was established as a private investment company in 1980 and started production in 1985.
EIPICO typically applies c.G.M.P. Regulations throughout the operational departments including evaluation of raw materials, calibration of equipments, control, holding and distribution of finished products.
EIPICO plant has a U-shaped design that minimizes mix-up and/or contamination by providing a single direction of material flow and is also surrounded by a green area as a protection from surrounding environment. Each pharmaceutical process has enough space to be carried out apart to minimize mix-up and/or cross contamination.
EIPICO is unique by its Sterile Areas (which are the largest in the Middle East and North African Region) that are environmentally controlled to obtain filtered air up to 97% - 99.7% particulate-free. The water purification system in EIPICO was designed to supply the production zones with dematerialized and distilled water.
EIPICO was the Pioneer Egyptian Company to produce dosage forms like the spansule capsules (long-acting).
EIPICO also produces the non-traditional dosage forms such as the soft gelatin capsules, lyophilized products, gels, sprayers and effervescent tablets. The sound management enables EIPICO to seek the highest quality of raw material from the least expensive sources.


EIPICO products have been selected according to the actual needs taking into consideration the following priorities:

  • New products to replace the imported ones.
  • The new technology in pharmaceutical industry and researches.
  • The mutual co-operation between the Egyptian experts and researchers at EIPICO and those of the foreign international pharmaceutical companies according to license agreements.

Training Courses at EIPICO are of the highest possible level of the pharmaceutical industry.
EIPICO has its own Computer Network System of the latest generations connecting all various activities of production, storage and administration to optimize the Q.M.S.
EIPICO is distinguished by Direct Selling (Spot Delivery System). Its van cars cover all over Egypt.
EIPICO made License Agreements with a group of International Pharmaceutical Companies to produce their specialties to replace imported products, to cover the increasing demand and to acquire technology and know- how.
EIPICO inaugurated its Biotechnology Center on August 6th, 2001 to contribute in the development of the drugs in all stages such as:

  • Synthesis of raw materials using biotechnology,
  • Bacterial and tissue utilization to produce Biotechnology and pharmaceutical products.
  • Extraction of active materials from natural products.
  • Pre-clinical studies including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
  • Dosage forms studies including preformulation, stability studies and new drug delivery system.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Protein purification.

Due to the importance of human factor in this kind of research, the center is training its staff in-house and outside Egypt to increase professionalism.
Due to the fact that this center is of special nature, appliances and specific scientific apparatus in this field, it has been separated from the Research and Control Department with a separate headcount and budget. The new products will have a great impact medically and economically.
In 1996, EIPICO has been awarded the ISO - 9001 Certificate by the (BSI) for establishing, Implementing, and maintaining quality assurance systems in Design, Development, Production, Installation, and Servicing.
In 1999, EIPICO has also been awarded the ISO - 14001 Certificate regarding Environmental - friendly practices.
EIPICO is the largest local producer of pharmaceuticals in Egypt.
EIPICO exports their pharmaceutical products to Arab Countries, and to some African, Asian and East European Countries.
EIPICO is the industry leader, capturing 8% share of the local pharmaceutical market and approximately 20% of Egypt's total drug exports.

License Agreements
EIPICO made license agreements with a group of international pharmaceutical companies to produce their  .. more